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Welcome to my free download area. Here you can find a selection of mini-programmes and resources to help you kick-start your health revolution. Please feel free to use any of these guides to learn about health and nutrition habits and to make some really positive changes to your life today! 

If you feel inspired by these and would like to learn more, please get in touch to arrange a free 30-minute phone consultation where we can discuss your next steps. Alternatively, please feel free to browse the more intensive programmes on my Programmes Page.

1 Week Detox

Have you heard about detoxing but aren’t sure exactly what it is, or whether it might be for you? Many of my clients tell me that they would like to clear their body of toxins but aren’t really sure where to start. With this in mind, I have prepared this free, colourful guide with everything you need to know about detoxing and a 1-week programme that will help you on your way to a healthier happier you..

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

At the request of numerous clients, I have put together a book of my favourite breakfast recipes for your enjoyment. If you would like to eat a healthier breakfast but don’t know where to start…start here!

The Secret to Weight-loss in your 40s

(And Beyond)

This free guide sheds some light on why we tend to put on weight more easily once we hit our 40’s and gives you a few pointers for shifting those extra pounds, no matter what age you are.

3 Day Grain-Free Cleanse

A grain-free lifestyle can help you to feel happier and more energised. It can also improve sleep, mood swings, bowel function, skin appearance and more. Download this guide and take grain-free for a 3-day test drive today!

Wheatgrass - The Smoothie Superfood

Wheatgrass has become a popular dietary supplement and additive in juicing and smoothies due to it providing such a high concentration of vitamins and minerals and the resulting purported health benefits. This helpful guide gives some practical advice and recipes for making it a staple in your smoothies.

The Sugar Solution

Are you worried about your family's sugar intake? This colourful guide offers some easy, practical tips that will help you to wean your loved ones off their sweet obsession.

10 Secrets of Healthy Weight loss

Weight loss is something that a lot of us struggle with. One of the worst things you can do for your health is to lose too much too fast. This can lead to a whole range of issues, as well as making it more likely that you will put it all back on. If you really want to lose weight the right way, here are some principles to get you started.

15 Delicious and Healthy BBQ Recipes

Planning a barbecue? Here are 15 delicious, healthy recipes that will wow your friends and family. Choose from fish, meat or salads!

11 Energy Boosting Tricks

Are you feeling low on energy? Follow these tips to get your energy back on track.

48 Hour Sugar Detox

Sugar is now widely recognised as public health enemy number one! Cutting out processed sugar from your diet will drastically reduce your chances of contracting numerous chronic health conditions. This 2-day programme will help you get started.

24 Hour Reboot

This free taster programme is designed to help you learn healthier diet and lifestyle habits in just one day. What you are going to read is a snapshot of a clean and healthy lifestyle that will have you feeling more energetic and full of life than you thought possible.

Endless Energy

Do you find yourself feeling sluggish and lazy mid-afternoon or do you feel just plain exhausted and tired for no apparent reason? Fortunately, there are easy and affordable ways to instantly shrug off tiredness and naturally raise your energy levels.
Skip the extra cups of coffee and try these easy, natural ways to boost your energy levels.

A Complete Guide to Essential Oils

Essential oils have a wealth of uses and have grown in popularity over the last few years as the world has realised we need natural solutions to our everyday problems. Harness the power of essential oils for beauty, skin, health care, and wellness, and learn exactly how essential oils can support the immune system

7 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Menopause

Menopause can be a time when a lot of women feel alone and unsupported, often not wanting to be a burden on those around them and be labelled as 'moaners' or 'complainers'. If this sounds familiar, or even if you have not yet reached this stage in your life but want to get an idea of what to expect, this short eBook is designed for you.

Natural Skin Care 101

Taking good care of your skin is essential on many levels. It will increase your confidence, ensure your skin is healthy for many years, help with healthy aging, and reduce dryness, irritation, and other effects of improper skincare. Read this free guide to learn all about natural skincare
and how it can transform your skin.

Create a Home Retreat

For many, a spa day is the perfect way to relieve stress and feel special.
Those hours of pure pampering are the ultimate indulgence, but when a spa trip doesn’t quite fit into your schedule (or your budget!), there are plenty of easy ways you can recreate a relaxing spa-like experience at home.

10 Guilt-Free Chocolate Treats

Most of us love to treat ourselves with chocolate from time to time, but that post-treat regret can really spoil our enjoyment. Many people don't realise that dark chocolate actually has a lot of health benefits. These recipes are guaranteed guilt-free so please enjoy at your pleasure!