Health Check Questionaire

Please fill in the questionnaire below. For each of the statements, select the number that applies to you with 1 being 'Strongly Disagree' and 5 being 'Strongly Agree'. Submit your results to me, along with your contact details, to arrange a free 30 minute phone consultation.
Tired Most of the Time
Prone to Hormonal Symptoms
Suffering from Poor Memory/Concentration
Low or Depressed
Very Dry Skin in Need of Daily Moisturisers
Difficulty Sleeping
Often Feeling Anxious or Stressed
Prone to Indigestion or Bloating After Food
Suffering from Dark Circles or Bags Under Your Eyes
Often Constipated (you rarely go once a day)
Now count up your answers to see your health score. Your ideal target is 14 or less.
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