Nutrition Programmes


I offer a selection of nutrition and lifestyle programmes, each carefully designed with a specific goal in mind. There are three study formats to suit your lifestyle and needs:

DIY: Most of my programmes are ideal for completing on your own. When you sign up, you will receive a link, via email, to download all the course materials, including recipe guides, shopping lists, nutrition guides and journals*. All the materials are yours to keep and so you can begin the course whenever convenient and repeat some or all of it, after you finish. I will be available via email to help you with any issues or questions that you may encounter. 

One to One: Many of my clients have benefited from booking one-to-one consultations to run alongside a programme. When you sign up for one of my programmes, simply get in touch via the contacts page and I will be happy to discuss this option with you. We will have weekly, or fortnightly meetings (depending on the length of the programme), either in person at my clinic, or via Skype if you are not based in London. Our initial consultation will explore your current lifestyle and diet and set some realistic goals to achieve throughout our journey together.

Group-Study: Many of my courses run in a regular group format. When you sign up, as well as receiving the course materials, I will invite you to attend an exclusive Facebook group, where you and your fellow course members will be able to provide and request support, as well as communicate with me. Undertaking a programme in a group setting is a fantastic way of achieving your goals in a friendly and supportive environment, surrounded by like-minded people. The group numbers are strictly limited and I regularly contribute to the chats when I feel that my input might be useful.

Please feel free to browse the courses below in order to find the one that best suits your needs.

*Included materials may vary from programme to programme and some packages may not be available for all three study formats.


Sugar Repair Programme

Sugar is becoming widely recognised as the number one contributor to many common health conditions. But for a lot of us, it forms a major part of our diet. This 6 week programme helps you to retrain your body to crave a healthy, sugar free lifestyle.

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Restore Your Gut Health

This intensive 8-week programme is one of the flagships of TT Nutritional Therapy. It combines 1-to-1 consultations with self study to teach you the importance of a healthy gut in every aspect of your wellbeing. You will learn eat and live to support your gut and enjoy the long-term health benefits that come with your new lifestyle.

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Little Black Dress

This 20 day programme is designed to give you a fun and easy way to slip back into that little black number you used to love!

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7-Day Weight Loss Challenge

This programme is a fun and exciting way to try out one of my courses. Over the 7 days of this self-study course, you will learn to cook healthy, balanced meals while losing a few excess pounds and feeling great about yourself. I will be on hand via email to help out wherever I can. This programme has enough recipes for you to continue long after the week is over, should you feel motivated to carry on and is packed with extra materials and lifestyle guides.

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Reset Your Life in 21 Days

Over the course of 3 weeks, you will work on supporting your mind, body and soul to get your whole life back on track. This programme is perfect for anyone who is really serious about making a change.


Clean Eating Programme

This 2 week programme is designed to help you become educated about the aging process and how you can tailor your nutrition to roll back the years and feel like a younger you.