Nutritional Therapy Talks

My Nutritional Therapy Talks are engaging educational presentations for institutions, corporate events and private functions across London. Talks include audiovisual Powerpoint presentations, handouts and question-and-answer sessions.

Tracy Talking at a recent presentation

The average U.K employee takes 6.5 sick days per year. This equates to £16 billion in lost revenue every year. Much of this is avoidable and could be prevented with better stress management and nutritional awareness.

When we skip breakfast or start the day with the wrong food; when we don't eat all day or fill up on sugar-dense snacks to keep us going; when we 'lunch on-the-go' and compensate for lack of sleep with excessive coffee intake, we are unable to perform at our peak potential and our work suffers as a result. Good health and productivity go hand-in-hand and more and more companies are now starting to make this connection and invest in the well-being of their workforce. This investment will pay for itself many times over the years.

These talks are aimed at educating people on how simple dietary and lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on, not only their health, but also on their performance in the workplace. I focus on the four pillars of health: nutrition, stress, sleep and movement. I discuss how to optimise these pillars in order to achieve peak performance.

Tracy's Presentation was informative, engaging, inspiring and helped me understand the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on my health. I feel motivated to start making changes.

I am amazed at how making a few simple changes has helped me focus all day long.

UBS Bank Employee

If you would like to know more about my talks, or to make a booking, please get in touch, via my contact page.

I look forward to working with you.