Summer Shape-Up

Summer Shape-Up

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Summer is here and many of us could do with a little confidence boost as we shed some layers for the warmer weather. New for summer 2018, this clean-eating programme brings you some of the most healthy and delicious mediteranean recipes, designed by nutritional therapists to help you get in peak shape without ever going hungry or sacrificing on taste.

What is the programme?

qualified nutritional therapist, nutritionist and health coach Tracy Tredoux consults with a client from her London clinic.

The programme starts with a 1:1 consultation with me, a fully qualified nutritional therapist and health coach, where we meet and discuss your health issues and goals. Together, we will look at elements of your lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, well-being and sleep, and from there work out a plan to go alongside the delicious meals you will be making over the next three weeks, and beyond. Consultations usually take place in the comfortable and welcoming environment of my north London home, however I also offer online and phone consultations for any who are unable to travel to my location.

My aim with this programme is to give you the tools you need to feel happy and confident in your own body this summer, but with a view to developing  habits and practices that will stay with you forever. 


What will I be Eating?

When you purchase the programme, I will send you a recipe book that is full of healthy and nutritious recipes to keep you going through the three weeks. You should never have to be hungry while on the Summer Shape-Up programme. You will be eating three square meals a day, plus healthy snacks and treats in between so that you always feel full and energised. Often when we feel hungry, it is not because we haven't eaten enough food, but because we haven't eaten enough of the right food. Hunger pangs are your body's way of telling you that it hasn't been given the nourishment it needs to keep functioning. My meals are designed to give your body the fuel it needs so that you won't have to keep topping up with sugary snacks and other harmful foods.

a collage of some nutritious, healthy and delicious meals that you will learn to make during the programme

The meals are all simple, but delicious and you will definitely want to hang on to the recipes so that you can keep on preparing them well beyond the three week programme!


Is this a fad diet?

As a nutritional therapist, I neither recommend nor condone dieting. The way to look and feel great is to eat a balanced and varied diet, with plenty of nourishing, wholesome ingredients that encourage you to have a healthy and positive relationship with your food, rather than seeing it as an enemy to be overcome. When you work with me, you will learn what foods to develop a relationship with and what ones to ditch, based on your body's individual requirements.

I look forward to working with you