6 Steps to Beat the Bloat over the Festive Season


Bloating is a common symptom that can either be fairly easy to resolve, or can accompany other gut related symptoms and be caused by more complicated issues such as food intolerances, ‘leaky gut,’ dysbiosis, Candida, SIBO etc. My latest blogs, What’s going on with my Gut? and Acid Reflux and Heartburn, delve more deeply into these other issues. However, as we approach the start of the festive season with Christmas parties, Christmas day, Boxing day, New Year’s parties and other religious upcoming festivities, here are 6 easy steps to beat the bloat that, for many, accompanies this period of indulgence.

We are all prone to a little indulgence at this time of the year. However, rich foods and overeating tend to play havoc with our digestion, leaving us feeling bloated and uncomfortable. In fact, it is estimated that on Christmas day alone, we can consume as many as 6,000 calories – three times the recommended daily intake for women. At this time of the year digestive issues are often the result of:

  • Eating more than usual, putting pressure on our digestive systems.
  • Drinking more with meals, especially alcohol. This dilutes stomach acid making it harder to properly digest the meal.
  • Richer, creamier foods, typical of the season’s meals, can trigger heartburn or reflux or make IBS symptoms worse.

Although festive food and drink can be tough on the digestive system, here are some simple tips aimed at helping you beat the bloat this time of the year.

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Go ahead and try these tips for yourself this holiday season and see if your digestive symptoms improve. If you have been struggling with digestive problems for a while, click here to book your free consultation. I can help you understand what might be going on in your gut and take steps towards a resolution.