The Secret to Weight-loss in Your 40s and Beyond

A nutritional therapist's guide to weightloss in middle age and beyond. this guide will help you stay in shape all through the second half of your life

Weight gain is a common concern among those of us of a certain age. At some point for each of us, our bodies begin to behave differently from how we have become accustomed to in our 20’s and 30’s. This does not mean that we have to give up and grow old gracefully! Rather, it means that our bodies are giving us a signal to start taking care of ourselves and to lead a more healthy life. Midlife can be the most healthy, energised time of your life if you take the right action, in terms of diet and lifestyle.

This free guide will help you to understand why things are changing in your body and what you can do to stay fighting-fit for decades to come.

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